10 Countries I would like to visit

10 countries that i’d like to visit, and a few that I would like to live, for a while. I love going to different countries and experiencing new cultures and the way of life, it gives me a different perspective. I love walking around in a new city, usually aimlessly, usually without a destination but just to look around and take in my surroundings.

In a new place, no one knows you, you can be whoever you want, do whatever you want and just enjoy being in the moment more so – for most people anyway. A new, different surroundings gives everyone a break from the usual routine.
These countries some how fascinate me, so I made a list of 10 countries to visit.

1. Switzerland.

Ever since I was little, I have been obsessed with Switzerland; for a reason I still don’t know. But I’m yet to visit which is weird as I have been to many other countries but not Switzerland. When I started dating people, I even made it a thing to date Swiss men to get to know the culture but there aren’t many in London and they are usually reserved.
10 countries I would like to visit

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

2. Cuba

Especially before it becomes another modern and a capitalist country with everything same. It is unique, with its vintage cars and the vintage feel, it’s like time travel and I love the idea of time travel. Also, I love the name of its capital – ‘Havana’ it kind of reminds me of my childhood too when the music ‘Havana’ by Kenny G was played on the radio and such. I always associate them like that.
10 countries I would love to visit

3. Italy

I feel like I will love the Italian way of life, the food, the sea, the passion – to me, it seems amazing. I would like to visit most, if not all of Italy. I’ve been told I would love Florence though so I guess that’s on my list first.
10 countries I would like to visit



4. Maldives

I think it’s like in the middle of nowhere, away from everything with a beautiful scenery and that’s very up my street. Sometimes, I feel like being in a beautiful location away from everything and most people. I guess I’m a loner at heart.

5. Russia – St PetersburgĀ 

I’ve heard it’s beautiful, but cold, but still beautiful. I would love to visit, but first I need to brush up on my Russian skills. I had been to Russia before, to Moscow when I was really young but didn’t stay long but St Petersburg attracts me more than Moscow.

6. Iceland

In the recent years, I’ve grown to love Iceland. I see many pictures of it on Instagram and I’m always left in awe. What a stunning landscape, it is absolutely breathtaking.

Northern lights in Iceland

7. Czech RepublicĀ 

Prague in particular. It’s a very pretty place and has been on my list to go for ages. I’m a huge fan of architecture and I’m sure Prague has plenty to offer.

Charles bridge lights, Prague, Czech Republic


8. Argentina

I’ve thought If I wanted to visit Brazil or Argentina the most but Argentina won because of tango. I love the dance, I can’t dance myself but I love watching other people.

9. Vietnam

It again, looks stunning from the pictures that I have seen.

10. Kenya

I don’t know much about Kenya but I’ve heard amazing things. The hot weather helps too, for my attraction towards Kenya and of course the safari.

Where would you like to visit?