15 Facts about me

I have seen few bloggers do facts about me post, so I thought I’d do one one too. I did one ages ago, when I turned 21 and was still very new to blogging, here. Although, since then I don’t read my horoscope nearly everyday anymore. I do sometimes read the monthly ones though. Since I don’t already talk about myself enough on this blog (sarcasm), here’s some facts about me.

facts about me

15 facts about me


I don’t like wearing trainers and tracksuit. As comfortable as they may be, I don’t feel like myself at all in them. I am trying to get back into wearing high heels on a daily basis like I did back in college. Growing up, I begged mum not to get me trainers, only ones that I had was them light up ones back when I was 6.


Fashion wise I like the 1920’s, 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. For men I like 20’s. I love men in a classical black suit or navy. Men should wear more navy and women should wear more dresses again.


My blogging niche is more fashion and lifestyle but I love reading dating blogs. I, at one point dabbled into dating but that didn’t last very long.


I can be a walking, talking, thinking contradiction. I may say some words to test people also, but I’m trying to be less of that. I blame that on my Aquarius sun and Pisces moon and nearly every pisces placement- as the signs are opposite. Then again, isn’t everything contradictory in life.


When you first meet me, I will be careless, stuck up and a tad awkward but as the time goes, I’ll get used to you and be caring, emotional, more open and affectionate. I just want to see who sticks by and who I can trust to open up to, as I don’t really trust people easily with emotions. I believe people that we love are our most important and for those I love, I’d do anything to make them happy – unconditional love.


I am very sensitive deep down, but I don’t show that. I can feel what others are feeling around me and suss out things. The smallest criticism can sometimes affect me, and I’ll be there thinking for ages about it and small sweet gestures make me very happy. Because of sensitivity, I avoid reading the news or watching it most of the times.


I don’t drink or go clubbing as much as I did. I think I’m quite over that stage. I go once in a blue moon. I also drink occasionally – in a bar or restraurant.


I love singing and dancing. Not talented in either though. Guess my dancing is more passable than the singing though. Being bad at it doesn’t stop me from doing it though. Practise, right?


I’m not really that jealous, but what is mine is mine. Guess it’s more of a possessive thing.


My all time favourite songs are Hotel California by the Eagles, Nocturne in C sharp minor by Chopin, and Ecstacy by ATB. Once I told a guy on a date that I liked Chopin and classical music and he laughed saying it’s the first time he heard someone say that on a date.


I rarely watch TV. I like watching films though. Most of my spare time I usually blog, write, read, or try to learn something new.


I love Paris, the city. The charm of it, the feeling I get and I want that feeling in a person that I be with. Feeling at home. Maybe I nearly had it, but we’ll see what happens. I am quite picky and it takes ages for me to meet someone that I’m really into, then it takes a while for me to be open, emotional and affectionate with them.


I don’t regret anything in life because I go by the rule of “at one point it was what I wanted to do” Everything happens for a reason, we learn from it and the things that seem silly now makes great memories to laugh about later on.


One day, in one lifetime. I would like to open a school(s) or a charity to do as much as I can to help. To help as much as I can. Giving is important.


I am forever wishing I live by a sea, where I can just write everyday, to travel and be around loved ones and that would be my life. I also would like to have a family, even though I may come across as not wanting one. But I do, I’d like to have a partner, and (3) kids. And maybe a small(ish) wedding by the sea. I wish I make those around me happy too.


So here are some personal facts about me, guess to know me a little better now.


Tell me a fact about yourself