2017 way of life – things to consider and be open about

It is 2017 now and we should be a little different than we were 30 years ago (Sometimes, I still think 30 years ago is 1970’s). We should adopt the ‘modern’ thinking and be open minded about things. Something I dislike is when older generations say “In our time….” We’ve all heard this, but hey, its not then anymore…everything changed.

Technology is taking over the world. Everything…nearly everything is done online now. As much as some of us hate it, its inevitable. However I am still not happy about not having flying cars yet.

Here are things to consider: 


Proper jobs 

Some people can’t comprehend the idea that, to live, we don’t need a 9-5 job and that blogging is now a proper job – just like having your business. Blogging is more than what is shown. Just because someone doesn’t work in an office does not mean they don’t have a proper job. Some people like the office life, some don’t.

Working from home is also growing, so you don’t have to be at the office every day.


Online life

Gone are the days where everything was done manually, where you met people outside. here are the online shopping, online dating, online friends….online everything. Some people still think its taboo. It saves so much time.

Online shopping is my favourite, I can find anything with a quick search and have it delivered to my door. I don’t have to endure the long queues, traffic, public transport, people… Everything can be found online. Grocery shopping is made easier as well, rather than carrying all those heavy bags -get it delivered to your door.

Rise of social media also proved that we can find friends online with similar interest to ours as well as potential partners. I follow pages such as ‘How we met‘ and ‘Humans of….‘ and I noticed that majority of the people meet online. Yes, there are creeps (there are creeps everywhere) but there are more success stories. I met few friends through blogging/Instagram and they’re all lovely. After school, college and Uni its not easy to meet and befriend people outside…unless you talk to everyone you come across. There are also people who work full time, business owners, freelancers and work from home types who would find it beneficial. I guess, its about time we get used to the new technological way of life.



Can we please stop using feminism to sell products. Feminism is now used as a fashion item, marketing technique by many brands. T-shirts with ‘feminist’ or similar on them. No, they don’t care about whether you’re a feminist or not but they do care about taking your money.


Body shaming

I would say everyone who is healthy, is of right weight. It is important to look after your health and your appearance.

Body type, curves… does not make a women real. Thats just silly. Why do we still feel the need to alienate people? A real woman is who feels like a woman. Its about time we stop criticising body types   that aren’t ours. Also the term ‘curvy’ is used by media to describe those who are size 14+ which isn’t the original term. Original term is someone who has an hourglass figure – similarly, Scarlett Johansson. its a body shape not a body size.

Whether you’re a size 6 or 16, if you’re feeling great about yourself then thats what matters. Just because someone looks a certain way, don’t assume things about them, don’t call people fat, skinny…its quite rude. Just because someone is slim does not mean they are anorexic. Just because someone is chubby doesn’t mean they’re unhealthy either.

Ignore the media. Media claims to be all about female empowerment, loving yourself, loving your body but are quick to put down those who don’t fit into their ideal body type.

Empower all body sizes.


Mental health

Try to be understanding. Just because it isn’t a physical health problem, doesn’t mean its not there. There is still some type of stigma attached but since more and more people are being open about it, hopefully things will change soon.



Some groups don’t befriend, date… anyone outside their own group. Lets be more open minded about that. Certain parts of London…or many cities, there are only certain group of people living there and they’re not very friendly to others which is a shame. Imagine a world where everyone just got along and shared their culture together.

Also the same with looks, size etc. I hear people saying they only date asians or petite/slim women or muscly men… its a bit like having a fetish. Just be open minded.


Love is love

You can’t help you who you fall in love with.

Things to consider




Live and let live.





  • Absolutely lovely blog post, super nice and refreshing.

    Thanks for sharing xx

    Patricia Stelmach

    • Thank you Patricia xx

  • These are all so true and things we should consider more in this day and age! I always get frustrated when people don’t understand how much work and work culture is changing, no longer are we in jobs for life, we want to try new things in new places and not be shackled to an office everyday!

    • Yes, exactly. Hopefully people will soon realise and be more open minded about things.
      Thanks for your comment 🙂