First time in Brighton

first time in brighton On the 21st of July, a friend and I went down to Brighton, for the day. My first time in Brighton and it was sunny, which is always great…England was experiencing warm weather, finally! I actually did a little shopping before going down to the beach, as you do. I bought the blush blazer above, a cream boho type dress and nude sandals with low/mid heels, which I wore later in the evening.

I immediately fell in love with this blazer, I have been searching for something like this for ages and couldn’t find one, finally did, in Brighton. Guess everything happens for a reason. I apply that quote to everything and have learned, sometimes not to force things; as I have a belief that, if its meant to be, it will be. Right time, right place.

We went to the lanes and then down to the beach, which was a rocky beach, I had no idea. 6 years in London and I never went to Brighton. Had fish and chips whilst sitting on the rocky beach and being surrounded by seagulls, staring, and trying to steal our food. I saw a tarot caravan, thought not to go in. Went to the fair, things got windy.

I love seaside towns and beaches/oceans, yet I have a fear of deep water but at the same time, it calms me and makes me feel peaceful – A paradox.

first time in brighton

Candy floss told me a funny joke

first time in brighton first time in brighton
first time in brighton first time in brighton first time in brighton

first time in brighton




Outfit details

White Dress – Boohoo

Black sandals – HM

Black bag – Topshop

Blush blazer – HM

Sunglasses – Ralph Lauren

first time in brighton

I am trying to wear less black, more colour but white isn’t exactly that. I fell in love with white which isn’t very colourful, neither are the shades of nude. My wardrobe currently consists of whites, blacks, nudes and few reds and blue. Nothing bright.

first time in brighton
first time in brighton first time in brighton

Of course, no seaside trip would be without a candy floss! It kind of matched my outfit too.IMG_6907_Fotor

Wondered whether I could live there. I seek out new places, new things…I like the excitement of moving to a new place and getting to know it. I don’t like staying in one place for too long, same goes for other things; like clothes, I dont like wearing the same pieceย consistently, I like the new experiences, I like change and there is so much to see, why have the same always. Maybe that derives from moving around a lot when as a kid, I have changed around 7 schools. Maybe my thoughts will change too.

My first time in Brighton proved to be likeable, I did enjoyย my day there. Ended the trip in a Greek cafe drinking cocktails.What areย your favourite seaside town and activity?