5 Autumn fashion staples

I have decided to write a post with 5 Autumn fashion staples, I am usually not the type to go shopping every season and have specific things I wear only that season then for it to be never worn again. I do buy one or two things though and tend to wear it throughout, especially living in England means that we can dress regardless of the season but of how the weather is. This ‘summer’ we didn’t really have a proper summer, it mostly felt like a cold November’s eve. We had a bit of summer in May, and the odd one here and there. Now that it is October, it is actually pretty cold.

5 autumn fashion staples


5 Autumn staples


  • Ankle boots

Ankle boots are my most favourite shoe item. I have a few, they look similar but you can never own too many ankle boots. They are comfortable, stylish, and perfect for Autumn. You can never go wrong here.


  • Statement bag

But not too attention grabbing, something that is elegant and quiet but will still catch the eye. I am recently loving medium sized bags rather than larger ones. I have also been loving red, more of a dark red colour for bags (and almost everything else). Even when you’re wearing a not so attention grabbing outfit, a statement bag would be a great way to finish off the look and add something to the outfit.


  • Jumper dress

I always associate autumn and jumper dresses together. Last year, I bought one and I kind of lived in it for quite a long time. It is the most comfortable thing. I am not a massive fan of jeans so I tend to wear dresses most of the time. A jumper dress is perfect for looking stylish and comfortable for Autumn (and for winter), paired with ankle boots, tights and a statement bag.


  • More masculine coat (or biker)
In either dark red or black. I love oversized masculine coats, I feel like if Autumn was a person it would be a well dress man. That’s why I think a masculine coat is a must for Autumn. To also give a bit of contrast to all the other feminine pieces. Also masculine coat goes with almost everything.
  • Long sleeved blouse

I have been really loving polka dot pattern lately. I think a little high neck feminine blouse is a great staple for Autumn, paired with the masculine top especially would give the look a bit of a contrast – mixing feminine and masculine together is one of my favourite styles. A long sleeved high neck lace blouse would be perfect, along with red lipstick and a statement earrings.



Something, we might need and we will be seeing a lot more of this season would be berets. I have been seeing them a lot, its funny because I wanted for quite a long time now. Reds, burgundy and greys also are currently in.

What will you be wearing a lot this Autumn?

  • mybeautrip .com

    Love all of them but ankle boots are my obsession right now!



    • Ankle boots are amazing right, both stylish and more often comfortable. xx

  • Jumper dresses are a great autumn staple! I haven’t found the perfect one yet, but I’m hoping to get one this winter. Ankle boots are also one of my autumn staples!

    Julia x

    • I am also looking for the perfect jumper dress. Bought one recently and have been living in it, nearly. xx