5 Happy things – August & September 2017

Recently, I had an exam. I am currently studying Accounting and to be a fully qualified Accountant I have to take more exams. I had been studying for that for the past month, therefore I wasn’t really fully on this earth since I was too engrossed in that so ended up forgoing the other life things.

I am trying to blog more often now and do much more writing, the poetry writing and such. I am back into reading again, for fun and not my Accounting books. Its great to do the things you enjoy and feel like yourself again.

This was a bit of a last minute outfit but I ended up loving it. Its more on the smart casual side, it would work great with heels too and make it more smarter but I opted for flat boots. I avoid wearing trainers and ballet shoes with my outfits so I always end up wearing boots most of the time. I have also recently been loving white dresses. Couldn’t take pictures outside since we were graced with rain showers.



Outfit details 

Blazer – Zara

Dress – Tobi

Boots – New Look (similar)

Choker – Happiness Boutique



5 Happy Things

  • Earlier August, we went to Belgium, Brussels and I had the most amazing truffles there. Brussels doesn’t go up there with my favourite cities, but it was a pretty one with pretty buildings and tasty chocolates.


  • Exam done. If you are like me and when you have an exam, you feel like your mind is about to explode because I don’t remember much happen during the exam revision period hence I am doing this post to counter that.


  • I finally found a beret that I like. I wanted one for quite long and I found one recently. Autumn is here too so I can wear it soon, I can wear it with this outfit when it arrives.


  • Catching up with friends. I saw a friend that I haven’t seen in long and it was great to catch up. We had a little girls evening with pizza and cocktail.


  • Positive feedbacks on my poetry. I have received some amazing response on my Instagram account for my poetry and that is a great feeling. I am nearing 10k as well and it has only been less than a year that I have had the account.



What made you happy recently?