5 ways to make your perfume last longer

Bonjour my lovelies. Hope you are all having a great week. As a great perfume lover, I thought I would write a post about 5 ways to make your perfume last longer. I am always trying to find ways to make my perfume last longer.

One of my current go to perfume is Chloe, I love the fresh sent and it’s pretty bottle.

perfume last longer


5 ways to make your perfume last longer


I have heard this ages ago and it actually worked. To the areas you want to apply the perfume, apply vaseline beforehand and then spritz on your favourite perfume. Basically, apply vaseline to behind the ear, wrist etc… and then the perfume. It will last more longer than applying it normally.

♦After shower/bath♦

After you come out of the bathroom, spray on your perfume then get dressed. Get dressed after to decrease the chance of your clothes getting stained. This is because your skin after bath is more moisturised and therefore it will lock the scent in


You can also apply the lotion if you have it, usually comes with the perfume if you buy it in a gift set. This will extend the longevity of the perfume. You can also use a unscented lotion too for moisture.

♦Dont dab♦

After applying it to my wrist, I used to dab it but that is wrong. Just spray it and leave it.


A recent thing I have learned is to spray your perfume onto your hairbrush and then brush your hair. Your hair will smell gorgeous and this method is better than directly applying the perfume to your hair.



Also, make sure you store your perfumes in a cool and dry place. Not in direct sunlight or in the bathroom where it is damp. This will help to keep it fresh and long lasting. Let me know if you try these methods. I especially love the hairbrush one, since I love it when my hair moves and I can catch the perfume scent from it.



How do you make your perfume last longer?

What is your favourite perfume?







  • Candice

    I had no idea these can help with making your perfume last longer!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    • Elise B

      Yes you can, its so handy as they’re pretty expensive x

  • Wow, who knew vaseline worked. I am certainly going to do this from now on. I seem to go through bottles so quickly, painful considering how expensive scent is!

    • Elise B

      Vaseline has so many great uses. Yes they are, let me know how it works out for you x

  • Such an interesting post!

    xo, shaine | https://itsshaineivory.wordpress.com/2017/01/22/basic/

    • Elise B

      Thank you

  • Love these ideas! Definitly going to be trying them out! x


    • Elise B

      Glad you do 🙂 let me know how it works out for you

  • Great tips! I always hat it when I feel like I wasted my perfume because I can’t smell it after a few hours.

    • Elise B

      Thank you. Me too, I love smelling it all day

  • My favourite perfumes at the moment are Paco Rabanne Olympea and Lancome La Vie Est bellle. I actually haven’t tried to make them last longer. I will try the vaseline tip.


    • I quite like the scent of Olympia, I tested it the other day.
      Yes try and let me know how you get on 🙂

  • Not dabbing/rubbing your wrists together feels so weird to not to (even though I know you shouldn’t!) but when I was growing up I swear everyone used to say that’s what you should do!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • Haha, yeah sometimes I forget and do it. But apparently rubbing it causes it to rub off quicker.