7 things to boost mood

It is Winter, there is barely any soon in England, gets dark early and it can be a bit tricky We all might have one of those days, where we want something to cheer us up and forget about stuff for a little while. Or we just want that extra happiness in our days. These are what usually boost my mood, my many moods..




  1. Reading

I could probably read for the rest of my lifetime. I am the kind of person to be put in the bookshop and completely forget about because I will be quietly turning over the pages of books that I find fascinating. Books have the power of taking us to another reality without moving.


2. Walking (and getting lost sometimes)

Walking whilst listening to music and just imagining or observing the surroundings. I love walking and getting lost, alone. It gives me the time to think, reflect and just to observe whats around me.


3. Dancing

I can’t really dance and I tend to be quiet shy at first when in a social environment but once I start, I don’t like to stop. I love dancing, I would dance as long as I can – I dislike clubbing at the moment, but I would still go to dance. Doesn’t also mean you have to go club to dance, can also get your dancing shoes on at home, when no one is watching.


4. Perfume 

Spray of your favourite perfume or the one that is more nostalgic and brings memories, happy memories. Lacoste would take me to college days, lancome would take me to Paris, Valentino to care-free, party days and Dior and I have too many memories to travel to. I love perfumes, they make me happy and scent is usually a great way to boost mood. Currently, I am in love with a few perfumes – including Love by Chloe and Poeme by Lancome.


5. Singing

The best way to get rid of stress. Singing at the top of your voice, it is ok if the neighbours here – they are getting a free concert. Karaoke is also great, I don’t have to the voice to sing but it won’t stop me, and my friend and I did do a great cover of ‘I’m on a boat’ on repeat. After that we felt great, try it!


6. Warm mug of tea

With biscuits, chocolates, sweets. There is something about the feeling of holding a warm mug in your hand, its relaxing, peaceful and just great. I love drinking tea, when it is cold and rainy outside and I am in the comfort of my home. Then again, I even like tea in the summer but outside by a sea usually at night.



7. Hot bath or shower

If it is a bath, but some bubbles, bath salts, scented things, scented candles around. It is amazing. if you are tired or something, it helps a great deal too.




What do you do to boost your mood?



  • Dancing is so good for boosting your mood! Around the house or even at a class, it never fails to perk me up.

    • Yes, Something we all need to do more of xx