A perfume story – Scents for each phase in life

A history of my life in perfumes, so a little perfume story with the most memorable ones. Theres a scent, or scents for each phase in life.

Perfume story

I have always loved perfumes, since young. I always saw my mum and the women around me owning pretty bottles with scented liquids inside and it always intrigued me. I was quite a tomboy, I was into befriending boys and playing with cars and, guns, but I loved perfumes and lipstick. Sitting there on my mums dresser was a Latvian perfume with its pretty bottle, I can’t recall the name of it. I wish I somehow come across it. I am sat there, being awe with mums perfume collection and lipsticks, which I play with when she isn’t looking. I had my own bottle at 6, it was called Chastity (I think) and I remember spraying it on my eyes once by accident. Our love affair didn’t last very long, I wasn’t a very loyal child and always have been distracted by other shiny things. even now. As you read more, you’ll notice that.

Teenage years went by with me wearing a perfume called Viva Cappio, believe its Turkish. This smell quite masculine and thats why I loved it. I also wore  Carolina Herrera that my aunt had got me, Anais was another favourite then.  Then I started wearing Christian Lacroix by Avon. Usually was rotated around these and a few of my mum’s.

Elizabeth Arden Sunflower was the one I met after, after falling in love with Estee Lauder pleasure exotic when I was volunteering at a charity shop in Leeds, with my friend. We both loved this scent. Then I started a very short affair with Sunflower when I started college until I got bored, I usually wore it for its brightness. Most prominent perfume that reminds me of college years is; Givenchy Summer Sorbet, it is very nostalgic and I love it even if I don’t wear it anymore. I started wearing more makeup, sprayed Givenchy and grew to like someone, for quite a long time Givenchy will remind me of when I always wore heels everywhere and dyed my hair all the time, whilst wearing pink lipsticks and sometimes colourful eyeliners (dark times, whoever liked me then, I’m surprised) whilst getting into drinking alcohol and having a different set of friends, whilst adjusting to the life in London with free transport, not getting the tube and hanging out in North London. Simple times. This was the perfume I used a lot before moving onto more ‘adult’ scents to reflect the party stage. During college years, I also wore Lacoste pour femme that mum got me for Christmas, as well as Gucci Envy me. I wore Lacoste more and sometimes Gucci envy me.

Around the same time, when I earned money, I bought Estee Lauder pleasure exotic, she was patiently waiting for me. We had a good relationship at the time, she will always be special to me as it was the first perfume that I purchased but we realised that, forever isn’t for us and we parted ways. I fell out of love with this, when nearing the end. I wore this until it ran out, sometimes at Uni too as I carried it in my bag. I also had Britney Spears Fantasy during this time which a ‘friend’ got me, a friend that I had ‘brother-zoned’, I wonder if he is doing well.

Gucci envy me experienced me being very drunk for the first time. We go to a lot of parties and night outs together, take lots of shots, met close friends and kissed a few on dates. We also met Valentina by Valentino wearing a dress and platform heels, they got along well and I started dating someone. Valentina was quite flirty, feminine and adventurous. I don’t wear this much anymore, she is still partying and we meet once in a while. Valentina will always remind me of being 18 and of the adventure, party, dressy and flirty times – when I started going to central London more often, she sometimes comes out and I took her to Amsterdam. Whereas, Gucci Envy me, which I find to be more versatile, she is also changing with me and we are still strong together and enjoyed Malta together.

In between, I also wore Nina by Nina Ricci, Boss Orange, Juicy Couture and Chanel chance. I wore Nina more later on. I didn’t get along with Chanel Chance, it was quite awkward and we didn’t share much in common. 

I met my first bf wearing Miss Dior Blooming bouquet, I’m still in love with it…the perfume that is. Although both are quite special to me. I fell in love with Miss Dior instantly, it was beautiful and I was thinking “wow this is it”.  I remember being on the Tube and spraying myself with Miss Dior before seeing him, wearing black high waisted jeans and a black bardot top with nude high heels. I repurchased this perfume twice and still use it, even though I didn’t repurchase the guy. It was during my time with Miss Dior that I started blogging, we have been together for quite long as well as with Gucci Envy me, too which I repurchased as well. But I have worn Miss Dior the most.

I later got wearing Nina By Nina Ricci, for the whole winter of 2014, especially more around Christmas time. I went to winter wonderland wearing this, I gave to friends to spray themselves with it too, I liked it until I got bored of it too – still reminds me of Christmas time, walking around in the west end looking for food.

I then started wearing Marc Jacobs Daisy and Daisy dream, which smells quite similar to Chanel Chance but longer lasting. They are pretty but predictable, quite a clean and safe scent. Usually wear these when I don’t want anything too much or in Spring.

I went Paris, with friends wearing Miss Dior then we purchased Versace yellow diamond at the Duty-free, it was on a sale. We went out the first night and I wore Versace. Haven’t really worn it since but it will remind of paris with friends, a night out with lots of dancing, meeting a group of people, someone buying me 2 roses and getting lost on the way back. I also went Paris again, alone  and I wore Lancome Miracle that mum gifted me. Now every time I catch a whiff of Miracle, I remember my solo trip to Paris, mum also likes this scent too and thats why this perfume is special to me, therefore will always have a bottle of it.

Enter my more ‘Hippie’ phase and I got Chloe love storyafter loving the advert for it. Got this after a weird time, final year of university, being lost and going through changes. I loved it at first but I don’t anymore, slowly fell out of it. I am glad for it as it introduced me to other chloe scents. I also got J’adore Dior Toilette, for the more sophisticated times, I wore this out to cocktails bars, jazz bars and for events. I did say, I’m not the most loyal and I can’t stay with one forever. During winter, I wore Dior J’adore with 212 VIP and Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream, it was strong but perfect for the weather and the phase. Recently, along with Chloe original and Chloe L’eau de Chloe, Lancome Tresor – which I liked after the film ‘I origins’, I also have the Dior J’adore Parfum. I layer few of these together along with Miss Dior  and Gucci Envy me.- Most used currently, I guess.

I had many other perfumes in between, some I still have but I don’t wear and some I don’t have anymore, that I rarely wore then. I can never stick to one, I am always on the lookout for something special because life is too short to just stick with one. Recently, I found many other pretties. Although, I am looking for a signature one, or few – if I layer them. which makes them more unique and I always do that.


Perfumes mentioned – in order

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Whats your favourite perfume?

What scent is nostalgic to you?


  • Ann

    I have an weird obsession with collecting perfume bottles! They are just so pretty!

    • Oh they are, I do love them

  • I loved this post – your writing is so beautiful and it’s such an original way to write about perfumes! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    • Thank you so much Ariadna, I am glad you enjoyed it 🙂 x