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I rarely talk about anything to do with mental health on my blog but from what I have observed on social media, it is becoming a widely spoken topic. I love how some people are becoming more confident and open with it. I came across a book and a youtube video on ‘highly sensitive person’ and I read more into it, apparently many of those who are highly sensitive also have anxiety. I think it was late 2015 when I was diagnosed with an anxiety and that didn’t come much of a surprise for me. Maybe that also explains a few things.

highly sensitive person


Outfit details

Nude top – Boohoo

Black Joni jeans – Topshop

Leather jacket  – Quite old

Heels – Aldo

Bag –  Dune

I’ve always been an overthinker, since I was really young. Its one of my hobbies, therefore I am always trying to keep myself distracted and focused on other things. Then again, overthinking is usually very positive, I can tend to imagine a very positive outcome to things. It is like having 55 tabs open and all running at the same time, sometimes – over thinkers tend to bottle up everything inside and not show anything to others. The mind never shuts off and because of that, it is possible to often to be difficult putting effort into many areas in life at once. Therefore I am trying to learn from my past mistakes and constantly trying to improve myself, make having this affect me less and less

I also seek perfection, I want everything to be perfect. Another thing with me is, I can get overwhelmed fast, and not want to do things which can be interpreted as lazy.

(Source: Buzfeed/tumblr)

Anxiety is not a one off nervous feeling, it happens more on a regular basis. It is more than just feeling nervous. I also like to find meaning behind everything, behind every word, action and such. You know, the whole double meaning to things.

There is social anxiety, which I am great at. I sometimes like to put myself out of my comfort zone, last year I went Paris alone which I would be usually too anxious to do it. I remember attending my first blogger event alone made me very nervous, when I was there, I saw a group of girls talking and decided to go and introduce myself, I can strike a conversation random with strangers, can be sometimes be loud and friendly then there are times where I hardly socialise with acquaintances in social settings and I usually stay quiet in the corner. Usually helps when I am with someone I feel comfortable with, for me to socialise more.

For me to be fully myself with someone, takes me a while otherwise I am reserved and cold, as I am not into getting too attached to others nor talking to them much about my feelings. I like to feel them out at first, see what they’re about,to see if they stick around despite me being not very receptive. Once I feel the ‘yes’ I become affectionate, caring and giving.


There are things that I feel help me at times with sensitivity, these are: 

  • Water – Sea, waterfall, bath etc. They all are a great way to calm the mind. I am forever wanting to be by the sea, more if I’m feeling sensitive.


  • Music – Make a playlist of relaxing music, music that makes you happy and energetic.


  • Arts – I often get deep in writing when I feel sensitive. Find an outlet to be creative.


  • Supportive people – Be around those who support you, understand and give you time. This is really important. Can be really helpful and calming, when those close to you reassure you and give you time and space to be feeling yourself again.


  • Avoid violent things – Theres a reason why I don’t watch horror, fighting films… Also avoid loud noises, crowds, very lit places, etc.


As for the anxiety part, I am spending time doing what I like for the most parts, occupying myself with those to try and avoid the overthinking and the lot. It can still happen at times though, especially when feeling quite sensitive to my surroundings, when I feel that things are ‘off’ in an area in life or with people – the overthinking begins, creation of random scenarios, needing reassurances etc.



Anxiety and high sensitivity, I don’t see as a liability because sometimes it helps me to feel out other people and to help others in some way as I can feel what they are feeling. It, in some way helps me to sympathise and I like that. Remember, we are more than labels we and others put upon ourselves. You just have to get to


What helps you?

  • We are pretty much the same girl! I remember watching a girl on YouTube talk about being a highly sensitive person and I was like ‘THIS IS SO ME’ Luckily she had friends that understood but I don’t haha 🙁 I definitely find that baths help a lot!

    • I saw it on youtube too, someone talking about it and instantly I researched more into it. I have few friends that understand too and I always talk about it to friends and family. You should speak to your friends and get to know about it.

  • Rosy

    I’ve never heard about the link between anxiety and high sensitivity before now, this was such a good and informative post, I tend to be a huge over thinker myself and it can drive me to distraction.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
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    • Thank you for your comment, I have been researching into both and I have seen many similarities. Story of my life! x