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Makeup is all fun and games, until you realise you’ve spent most of your life savings on it. Most are expensive, I bought a bronzer and highlighter for about £50 much to my brother’s dismay, who thought I could’ve got something else…then again, what do they know. Yeah, there are cheaper makeup, that are like as little as £1, but thats not me. I’ve spent way too much on makeup in the past, but this year has been different – I’m a changed man woman.

Skincare is another thing. I am forever looking for the perfect skin care products, I am very very picky but I am very sure it is out there, similar to love. I used Clarins, a while ago and it worked at the time but doesn’t anymore, same with Lush. I sometimes use moisturiser and cleanser by Bodyshop but more often, I am using nothing. In the past, I’ve tried a lot of things – both expensive and cheap.

Nearly everyday, there are new products, must haves, with the promise that it will forever change your life (or face) but the thing is most of them, do the same thing. Do you really need 100 warm brown eyeshadow palettes? They have similar, if not the same colours anyway. I used to have about 15 foundations, all formulas – liquids, creamy, powder…I wore them all on rotation and I am surprised how I still have skin. Currently, I have about 3 and I wear none, well I wear my Dior airflash one when going out to somewhere where I have to put in more effort into my face.

I am trying to use up all the makeup I have, to hit pan so they don’t expire and go to waste. I have my everyday products that I always wear on a daily basis and sometimes I add or take away things. I decided to buy new ones, when they finish. I’ve actually run out of a few products and I want to try out a liquid highlighter.


What I currently wear everyday:

Urban Decay eyeshadow palette 

I haven’t tried a lot of eyeshadow palettes but this one is currently the one for me, has been so, for the past 8 month.


Collection concealer/Bourjois concealer / Benefit concealer 

I have run out of Bourjois and the Benefit one so I am using the Collection one. I however, only apply a little as I think it is a tad too much and I prefer something more natural and dewy. I think I will probably repurchase the Benefit one as I found that to be just how I like it or maybe I’ll do some exploring.

Collection concealer coverage is great, if you want that fully done look. I have also tried Laura Mercier, which I also thought it was too much.


Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and glow

This is about £49, I do love it. I bought it on a bit of a whim as I wanted something with bronzer and highlighter and came across this. It lasts a very long time, I use it a lot but still have a lot left. The packaging is also very beautiful.

I also want to try the Nars laguna bronzer as I have never bought that.


Max factor mascara / Lancome hypnose mascara

Max factor one is about £12 and Lancome is about £22. Both are great. I have experimented a lot with mascaras and these two are my current favourites. Brush on Max factor is more thicker and I like that as I feel like it gives it more volume.


Lancome pencil eye liner

Maybelline liquid eyeliner / Maybelline gel eye liner

I don’t wear eyeliner everyday because I am lazy when it comes to liners and taking them off but when I do wear them these are my go to’s. The gel eyeliner, I need to purchase again though as.


Lipstick depends on the day, but more often it is some type of nude/brown such as the NYX London, MAC Taupe, Maybelline coffee craze, L’oreal lip matte or Bobbi brown.


Lets see how much longer I last on not buying anything new on the market, I do miss the feeling of a brand new makeup.


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Do you spend a lot on makeup too?

  • Candice

    I am definitely spending too much on makeup, which is why I put myself on a spending ban

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves