Finding our style – different version of ourselves | outfit diaries

I think, even though we have so many choices in a way, it is quite hard to be an individual and to find our own style, in today’s age. We go through many styles and phases, because we are always changing. Most of us aren’t the same as we were 10 years ago, 5 years ago or even 6 month ago.

I went though a few styles and looks. I started wearing makeup around 15, I started to become more girly then too. Leggings were the trend back then, most of us wore leggings with dresses and long tops. In college, I wore jeans a lot with heels and fitting vest tops, usually mainly fitted/tight clothes. I also wore more colour too. Whereas now, I have only worn jeans a few times. During Uni, I rocked the leggings, converse and jumper look most of the time and If I wanted to make a bit of effort I opted for a loose dress or skirt. I only really experimented with my hair then, dying it green, purple, blonde, pink… For night out’s it was usually high waisted skinny jeans and a crop top. After Uni, I attempted to put more effort in the way I dress. I stopped going out in leggings and started wearing more dresses mainly with ankle boots. My style over the years haven’t changed too drastically but it has changed, there were some items that I wore and I was like “how?” My style will probably continue to change so many times over the years. At one point I got into the boho-chic look, I try to inject in a little element with more of a classic style. I am currently a fan of floral dresses/tops, trousers, blacks, reds and other earthy tones.

Our style, likes and preferences change a lot because we go through many phases in life. Most of us won’t ever stick to one style, we will adopt a few latest trends, which keep being recycled throughout the decades. We will wear what we are in the mood for. I mean if blue eyeshadow and leggings ever become a trend again, i’m sure many will be rocking that. Some timeless pieces should always be in our wardrobe though. I haven’t found my style yet but some items, I always wear regardless of trends, I wear what I feel most confident and comfortable with; it is usually a little mix of styles – bohochic, French (60’s influence), rock and classic. My personality is a bit of a mix too, like my style, sometimes depending on what I am wearing or who I am with or maybe where I am. Hence I will never believe those who say they know me too well, I don’t even know myself well. I am not sure if any of us know ourselves well, the different versions of ourselves.

Currently I am in love with red and somehow fell for the hoop earrings again. Hoop earrings were my thing, back in 2011. My preferences changed quite a bit over the years, but there are still somethings that remained the same.





Outfit details 

Red coat – Zara

Knitwear – Topshop

Black dress – Boohoo

Black bag – Debenhams

Heeled Boots – River Island

Beret hat – Zara

Rose gold Earrings – River Island



Little style tips

Don’t ever limit yourself to just one style

Always experience with many styles, mix and match different styles.

Don’t blindly follow all the trends, pick the most you like and incorporate it with your own mix

Wear what makes you most confident and comfortable



How  would you define your style? 

How much have you changed over the years?




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