Follow your heart | Live with intention

Follow your heart, do what feels right not what others tell you is right! Currently this is my mindset, I am doing things that feel right to me, we all have gut instincts so follow that because it is usually right. Live with intention. 

Whatever happens, it was my choice in the end. Everything will work out for the better, remember that. Better to live with ‘oh well’ than ‘what if’.

live with intention

Feel deeply.

Give yourself the chance to experience everything fully, all the feelings. Let those feelings change you as a person, to be shaken by, surprised by and to be inspired by. Feelings encourage creativity. Be the person who isn’t afraid to feel deeply.

Laugh with no care.

Laugh like no one is watching. Close your eyes and laugh, celebrate all the great things in life and celebrate your happiness. Tell jokes, silly stories, make others smile and bring everyone together. There is always a reason to smile and laugh, remember that.

Work with purpose.

Go to work every single day with a smile. Open the door and think of all the positive possibilities. Make every interaction mean something; make every communication legitimate and thought through. Make every day better than the previous. Don’t allow yourself to feel stuck. Work towards something with purpose.

Listen closely.

Think of others, make them feel special and listen to what they have to say. Try to understand others and try to help them in anyway that you can. Listen to your inner voice as well, understand  yourself too, what you are feeling.

Cry freely.

Whether it is sad tears or happy tears. Don’t shy away from this emotion, allow yourself to experience this and let yourself cry freely. Give yourself time and then heal after.

Love senselessly.

Love the person because you want to love them, because he/she is who you have decided is the person you want to spend the rest of you life with, even if it won’t last that long. Love the person because you have, and will continue to choose them every day. Love them fearlessly, passionately, stupidly. Because life is too short to not fully love.

Live with intention.

Choose to live your life the way you want it. Live every day with purpose. Open your eyes and choose to be productive, to go after what / who you love. Choose to make a difference, say what you mean and give. Live with intention and pursue what you want relentlessly and be fearless. Choose to be happy


  • Darling, I’m in love with this post!
    Can’t wait to see the new one!

    Diana Cloudlet

    • Elise B

      Thanks a lot 🙂

  • Thank you for the nice writing! I couldn’t agree more with your last statement! Finding your purpose in life is important. It gives me strength and contentment 🙂

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

    • Elise B

      Thank you for your comment 🙂
      It is indeed, good to set intentions too.

  • JLu

    These are beautiful words!

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      Thank you 🙂

  • What a great, inspiring and uplifting post Elise! All these steps are really important in order to live our life to the fullest!
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Elise B

      Thank you Stella. It is indeed, if you’re going to live, might as well live to the fullest. xx

  • Awesome post. I really like your message of basically being okay with feeling emotions & trusting your instincts. :]

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    • Elise B

      Thank you, glad you enjoyed

  • The Sunday Mode

    The last point about living with intention really stands out to me. We were born to live our own individual lives in our individual way, although it’s easier said then done sometimes 🙂

    • Elise B

      Yes, you are quite right. It is easier said than done, but if we try and do what we love I think we are on our way there 🙂

  • Great post! You write so beautifully.

    Emma | Fashion Photographer and Model |

    • Elise B

      Thank you Emma

  • love the candidness and also the positiveness of this post! 🙂 xx

    • Elise B

      Thanks a lot, I always try to be positive 🙂

  • Simply beautiful

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      Thank you Olga 🙂

    • Elise B

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  • Loved this post sweetie! This kind of post always make me smile because it reminds me that the most beautiful things are found in the little pleasures of life! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog and I am glad I found you too! Much love to you babe!

    • Elise B

      Thank you so much Neguine! Little things in life are the most important and where the happiness is.
      Lots of love <3 xx

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    This is such a beautiful post!

    With Love,
    Anna || Curly Yorker

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  • Such a beautiful post and so inspiring 🙂

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