Growing out my hair

Since I had cut my hair really short, I have been trying to grow it out again. Growing out my hair has proven to be difficult and thats my fault really. Somewhere down the line, my hair decided to give up on me and not grow. Before when I cut my hair, it grew so quick but after it got stubborn.


Getting it to grow

Towards the end of last year, I attended a Grow Gorgeous hair event where I was introduced to their haircare range. Since then I have been trying out their products. I have fell in love with the back into the roots mask which has a fresh minty smell – which I like. They stock in boots  as well which is great. I have also been using the hair growth serum and in my previous post on Grow Gorgeous range – I said that I shall do another post. I did have a haircut around November/December as I am trying to grow out my natural hair and getting rid of the dyed bits. I also got it cut in a triangular shape. Anyway, my hair has actually now decided to grow again and it looks healthier as well.

Before, it was quite damaged – I did bleach it a few times and dyed it every week or so. My hair had gone a bit thin, but now it actually got thicker again. So, I am quite happy. I have even recommended it to a friend.


growing out my hair

Here I have curled it

growing out my hair


I havent dyed my hair since about May 2016 and that is a huge achievement for me, because I had to change it all the time before. I am starting to think maybe I am becoming more emotionally stable as I used to dye it before when I was experiencing my different moods. I am sticking to being a brunette for a quite a long time now. Also growing out my hair to have the long mermaid-y hair. I am liking my hair again now since its getting healthier again.

Have you used the Grow Gorgeous haircare range?

  • Shakira

    The growing out stage is so tough, I definitely have been there! But it’s so worth it once you get to where you want to be, keep going girl!x


    • It is, but so glad the serum is helping and my hair is back on track again :D. xx

  • Tough stage, I’m currently doing the same. Your hair looks lovely though.

    Lauren x Huggled

  • This is exactly amazing!