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What makes you happy? What makes you look happy? Being happy and looking happy aren’t the same, and in today’s world with the rise of the social media, majority are trying to look happy and successful without actually being happy. Why? To probably show the world that they are happy and successful.

Happiness isn’t measured by anything nor it is a destination. Happiness is what makes you feel content and think “Yessss. I love this”

Yes, it is easy to advice someone to:

“live for today”

“be positive”

“live as if you’ll die today”

“choose happiness”

Then you have people wanting to do everything at once to be happy yet this doesn’t help either. I guess sometimes, telling people to choose happiness puts a pressure on them to be happy all the time. Maybe, sometimes we don’t get the actual definition of happiness.

There has also been a rise in the self help books, all promising to change your life and make you more happy. Some work, most don’t. Some pretend that they work, which brings me to another point and that is social media. I have a love/hate relationship with social media and recently I have actually been using it less. Social media can create unnecessary pressures on people to look and be a certain way and if you haven’t acquired certain things by certain period it means you’re a failure of some sorts. We never know what the person is actually feeling, just because s/he posts a picture smiling and looking happy in a pretty location doesn’t actually mean they are happy. After we see countless pictures like that we tend to put lots of pressure on ourselves to also do and be like that in the hopes of it will make us happy/happier.

Think deep as to what makes you happy, write them down. You can start with material things if you want, then think more into more deeper things. Pretend you have a box and fill it with all the things you can think of, all the things that makes you happy. It could be anything.

Remember, just because one person is happy with one thing doesn’t mean you have to be happy with that thing too. Some find happiness by being busy all the time, not staying in one place for too long and constantly moving whereas another might find the happiness in the quiet, safety of their homes, with a burning fireplace or candles and a book in hand, drinking a mug of tea. This is what it means to choose happiness, your happiness.


“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”
Roald Dahl


Outfit details


White off the shoulder top – Lipsy x pretty little thing

Trousers – Lipsy x pretty little thing

Shoes – Kurt Geiger (3/4 years old)

Bag – Random place, quite old



What makes you really happy?

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