It is okay to be single

According to twitter, Tuesday, 1st of August was #nationalgirlfriendday. So I thought I would do a quick post on dating, not my usual niche (Then again, I do write about everything) but It is actually one of my favourite topics to read. I thought to write ‘it is okay to be single‘ after I read something on social media, and also observed a few people talking about it, I decided to come up with this post.

okay to be single

Some bloggers that I follow and a some people that I know in real life seems to be getting engaged, married or having babies which is great for them but it can put pressure on some others to do the same, I know people who are single but not enjoying the single life at all. Some people tend to think that you have to get married/have kids by 25/30… It is absolutely fine to be single or to never have been in a relationship whether you are 18 or 38. We all have different priorities in life and some may prioritise career way more that a relationship. We have different lives  to each other and different paces of doing things, that is what makes us all unique. I watched ‘how to be single’ recently and It was good to finally see a film where the main character ended being single.

As we tend to get older, we are bombarded with these questions:

“Do you have a bf?”

“Why don’t you get married”

“When are you getting married?”

“When are you having a baby?”

…and so on.

I think with being single many assume that no one wants you. As if someone’s value is dependant on being chosen for partnership. Totally wrong. Your value tends to depend on how YOU view and feel about yourself.

You should enjoy being alone. You should enjoy you. Live a life that makes you happy, do what you want, go where you want, be who you want…be with who you want. Every relationship that you get into doesn’t have to mean that you will be with them forever. You can just enjoy someone’s presence at that moment, go on many dates and learn from them all. Then when the good comes, you would appreciate it so much. There are so many perks to being single, its fun to be single.

Don’t ever feel upset because you’re single at whatever age you are, just enjoy being single. Then, whilst you are out there enjoying whatever you are doing, you might just meet someone who will make you feel the ‘heart eyes emoji’

and if you are not feeling that

Never be with them. Never settle. Don’t be with someone who you aren’t feeling it for, for long-term. Don’t be with someone because you feel like you need to be with someone. You might like them in some way but if it doesn’t come with that intensity and passion, then its not right.

One day, you will meet something, who will be both home and an adventure at once. Where you’ll smile all the time and probably forget time and space. Until then, enjoy you and what life throws at you.

Needing nothing attracts everything



  • leah

    This is such a lovely post!

    Leah x

  • Rosa

    I love this post. I’m single and happy about it. I think there is so much pressure on people to be in a relationship, especially for women.

    • I’m glad you like it, Rosa. Yes, there is a lot of pressure but guess we have to not let that get to us and enjoy it 😀