Law of attraction | Explaining the basics part 2

If you haven’t already, read my previous Law of attraction post, talking about the basics on what to do. I was thinking actually how to go about with this post since Law of attraction has so many elements.


Law of attraction

‘Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.’

Last post, I mentioned these:

  • Think positive thoughts
  • Say positive words – words are powerful
  • Imagine as if you have it
  • Show appreciation – Gratitude
  • Repeat positive affirmations

So, I decided to expand on them.

Think positive thoughts

Our mind is very powerful, it is a transmitter so by deliberately thinking positive thoughts we are programming it for the better. Rather than thinking ‘this isn’t going to work out’ choose to think “I will do this” or “I have achieved this” (more on this later). It takes the same energy to think of positive thoughts and negative ones too, so why choose the negative? By thinking positive thoughts we are attracting the positive things into our life.


Say positive words

When you talk, speak positively. Use positive words, when you are late to a meeting – rather than saying “Sorry, I’m late” say “Thank you for waiting for me”. You will feel better about yourself too and this will also decrease the chances of being late in the future because what you say, you attract.


Imagine as if you have it

Previously, I mentioned thinking ‘I have achieved this’, you imagine something as if you already have it. You want a certain type of jumper, you imagine that it is yours. You imagine the colour, the feel of it, details, smell…everything. Make your mind believe that you already have it and that way you will attract it in. Mind is powerful but it is also quite simple.


Show Appreciation

Be grateful to be alive, there are so many things to be grateful for. Being grateful will lead to having more things in life to be grateful for. There are so many people in the world that don’t even have the basic necessities such as clean water, food, shelter… So look around you and deeply feel grateful.

Keep a gratitude journal and write at least 10 things you are grateful for every day.

Repeat positive affirmations

similar to saying positive words. Affirmations are a good way to improve your confidence, your outlook and it programmes your mind into being positive and to attract what you want into your life.



Most important of all is to believe in your self, have belief that you will attract.  Also doing the above will help you to be more confident about yourself.

Everything in life is made up of energy and this is the reason why we can attract things into our lives. We are all connected to the source energy (without sounding too weird) and we can bring something into our reality. Albert Einstein has noted that all possible outcomes has happened in one moment, therefore it is up to us to bring whichever we want into our reality.  Work for it, if you want to move to Korea but not doing anything about it then the chances are very slim. If you don’t already know, check out 5 books to read on law of attraction. I have found these books to be the most detailed. I should probably end this post here before it gets longer but in my next law of attraction post, I’ll go more deeper on attracting things into your life, feelings and also love.


Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality. Earl Nightingale 


  • Love this post! Law of attraction works for me for little things, I didn’t learn to do this for bigger things, probably it takes a time!

    • Elise B

      Thanks for reading lovely. Yes the bigger things takes more time and energy, which I will get to soon in another post 🙂

  • Thanks, great article.

  • steph

    Amazing post, so true. x

    • Elise B

      Thank you

  • Thanks for this post. I’m trying to implement some of these things because I genuinely believe in them but it definitely does take work!

    Caitlin, Beauty & Colour

    • Elise B

      Thank you for reading, glad you enjoyed. Having the genuine belief is the first step :D, it’ll take time but it will work. x

  • Enjoyed reading this post, so interesting xo

    • Elise B

      Thank you 🙂

  • Lisa Autumn

    I am such a fan of the theory.. I even got like 10 of the books and just gifted it to everyone on christmas haha.. LOVE IT!

    xx Lisa

    • Elise B

      Haha thats great. I have been talking about it to everyone around me and in the end decided to write posts on it. x

  • christina cenci

    This so amazing! My favorite book to this day! Well worded 🙂

    • Elise B

      Thank you, it is a great book, I really like it too, quite inspiration but lacking in some specific details

  • First of all, and I am so happy about it, I was just now thinking if I should write a post about how much help I got from this specific book and how much it helped me to shift my way of thinking and my whole life eventually, after reading one book after another! And after 5 minutes or so, I thought of visiting your blog! 😀 I can’t agree more with everything you write here and this book that Rhonda Byrne wrote! I love this kind of posts and you really inspired me to go ahead! Thank you Elise! And sending you my best wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous, stylish, full of beautiful moments, positivity and friends, 2017! All the best sweetheart!
    PS: I love and highly recommend the Celestine Prophecy and the Nine Insights of The Celestine Prophecy. The latter has spot on recommendations of so many great books as well. If you are searching for the next one, these are your books! Let me know if you read them, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    • Elise B

      Thank you for your lovely comment, Stella. It made me very happy 🙂 I am really glad that it inspired you, that made me hoppy.
      I shall have a read on them, they sound interesting. Have you read a book called the Alchemist?
      A good book on Law of attraction that I have read is Affirmations, also check out the link for other books too, let me know if you read it/them. 😀 xx