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Logic and emotion, both has been on my mind lately. Which do you follow? Our decisions affect our lives, every single one of  them, however small it is – it affects our future. I have always been quite a logical person, I am quite objective so I can see many sides to a situation when making decisions. There are quite a lot of people who makes decisions based on emotions. It is also been stated that never make decisions when hungry, angry, lonely or tired but it is still good to use emotions. I have a post on the importance of feelings here.

Being objective in a decision making process is a positive trait to have but can delay the process as the person looks at it from every angle and makes a choice based on that. Which can seem that the person is ‘indecisive’.

logic or emotion logic or emotion


We make decisions all the time, sometimes without thinking. Every decision that we make either takes us closer to happiness or away from it. Every decision counts, from what to eat for lunch to moving to the other end of the continent. Maybe you decide to go to France, you’ll go there on a Eurostar in the morning, just before 12pm but then at the last minute you decide against it – This then alters the future. What if you were meant to fall in love when there or or meet someone and land your dream job, now that won’t happen because you changed the pattern of what the universe had arranged from your initial decision.

There is a book called ‘Miss you’ by Kate Eberlen which is about missed meetings by the decisions the characters took. They were at the same place, same time but still missed each other.

You put out something out in the universe and it gives you it, usually. By changing decisions/actions later, you are changing all the patterns and altering your reality. This is why it is important to be mindful of what we do and stick to a decision once its made.

In Economics, there is a term called ‘Opportunity cost’ which means “the cost of forgoing the next best alternative” when making a decision, how do we know that the decision we make is the best one and it is not costing us? We often go with what we want rather than what we need – most of us want that immediate gratification without realising that the alternative choice would have made us happier in the long term. This is why it is beneficial to use logic when making decisions sometimes. I believe, effective way of making decision is for there to be a balance.

The person that we are today is the result of the decisions that we have made until now. Every decision that we make, shapes our future. Just like a snowball effect, every small decision we make piles up and creates the future.

Whatever you are not happy with today, choose to made a decision to change that, for the future you.


Whatever you decide to do, ask yourself – “Will this bring me closer to what I want in life?” 

If yes, follow its path.

THINK about how you would FEEL when you have made that decision and imagine the outcome of what it could lead to.

Follow your heart, put importance on emotions but always take your mind with you and use some logic. Balance. But if you decide to do something, take action quick for it to be effective. (more on this another time) 

Remember, we only get one shot at life, so do what you want. (I’m not sure about reincarnation yet.)


Focus on what you already have; Be grateful, appreciate it; know you’re doing something about your future today; Imagine how proud you’ll be some time from now;

logic or emotion logic or emotion logic or emotion logic or emotion

logic or emotion


Outfit details

Dress – Boohoo

Shoes – H&M

Hat – Boohoo

Earring – Miss Selfridge

And I recently made the decision to cut my hair, I no longer have this length. It is currently just below the shoulder.

logic or emotion logic or emotion

More on decisions and future another time.

Whatever you do, do with all your heart or don’t do it at all



How do you make your decisions?

Logic or emotion?


  • What an uplifting and positive post! I agree even small decisions shape our future, and its good to always think wise and positive and put our heart into our choices, love your pics 🙂 x

    S x

    • Thank you Shelise, appreciate your lovely comment 🙂 xx

  • this is a really interesting way of looking at things, a lot of the time we’re so rushed by life we stop to think enough about certain decisions and whether it will bring us happiness. great post (and love the outfit!) x

    • Most of the time, its like we are on autopilot mode. Its good to be take in our surrounding and make decisions that we feel the most happiest with.

      Thanks a lot 🙂