Looking after your skin as you get older

I was having a conversation with my friend the other day about looking after your skin as you get older, we were talking about how to stop wrinkles and other skin related issues that come with the old age. I know I am 22 (nearly 23) and quite young to be talking about wrinkles and stuff but I still think it is very important to look after your skin.




8 tips on looking after your skin


Eat berries

Mainly raspberries and blackberries. Berries are a natural anti-ageing and they taste amazing. I absolutely love raspberries and blackberries…and strawberries. It keeps you healthy too so it does have a lot of benefits to your body.


Eat tomatoes

Not a lot of people are a fan of tomatoes, I have a friend who hates them but personally I do like them. I like them in a salad, especially the little cherry tomatoes which taste so much better than the other. Apparently tomatoes keep you looking young and radiant.


Use products ideal for your skin type

Make sure you know what your skin type and conditions are so you can buy products accordingly. If something works for you, don’t change it much even when you reach a certain age and you are being told “You need to use a cream for over 30 now” Also don’t hesitate to use anti ageing products even if you are young, they aren’t just for the older ladies. If you have a combination skin you might have to use different cream for different areas in your face sometimes.


Morning/night routine

Have a morning and night routine and stick to it. Always remove your makeup even if you don’t feel like it. After a night out, I can get home around 3/4am and I still do my little skin care routine because I know that If I don’t my skin will start a war with me.


Keep hydrated

Moisturise. Drink plenty of water, I believe we are meant to drink 2l a day. Drink healthy smoothies and juices, even better if you make them yourself – make a berry smoothie. Speaking of berries and berry smoothie, I am starting to crave it now. Even drink tea but not excessively, then again too much of everything can be bad.


No excess alcohol or smoking

If you can, give up smoking. As for Alcohol, don’t drink too much. A drink here and there is fine, but drinking all the time and getting smashed won’t be beneficial to your skin. Personally, I drink occasionally – when with friends and out, especially if there is music. I don’t like drinking all the time because I know that it could be harmful.


Keep calm

Try to always stay calm and relaxed. Don’t let things get to you too much as it can be harmful to your skin in the long run. Try meditation, excersise or yoga to help with that. Keeping calm also means cutting down on the partying too much.




Sun is good but obviously not too much. Don’t stay out in the sun too much especially when it is strong. Use sun cream and make sure it is an appropriate one for your skin type.


What do  you do to keep your skin young and healthy ?



This list is a collaborative post