Maybe – My first poetry book

I have been quiet lately on the blog. I haven’t forgotten about it, I’ve just been very busy putting together my poetry book, my first poetry book ‘Maybe’. I can now say, in 2017 I am a poet/writer. Yay. After countless hours, writing, formatting, editing and creating the cover, I was very proud of the outcome. For the cover, I wanted to go for a simple look.


It is a collection of prose and poetry on love, longing, heartbreak and life with a melancholy feel inspired by my favourite new and old poets and writers.

I love books, I love poetry, put me in a book shop and I’ll probably stay there for hours and forget about you. I once went to a bookshop with my friends and I ended up being so deep into reading, I later looked up and couldn’t find them. It was only natural to be writing my own book. After hitting 10k followers on Instagram this month and receiving such amazing feedback on my writing, I just had to.


Poetry Instagram page  @Elise Michael poetry


I share excerpts and pictures on my poetry Instagram page.


Maybe in this universe, maybe in another universe…

I called it ‘Maybe’ because, maybe is a world full of possibilities. It doesn’t promise anything but it gives hope but it is also melancholic. Sometimes maybe keeps us stuck. It is a word we use when we still want to keep someone or something in our lives with reasons we come up, when we are not ready to give them up yet. When we are being idealists and are full of hope. Maybe, just maybe.


maybe maybe maybe maybe


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  • Congrats! I’ll be sure to pick up the book. The cover is gorgeous x

    • Thank you so much, excited to hear your thoughts on it 😀 x