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I have a fascination with the universe, how the world works, I often go deep in thoughts about how it all started, what is life and what happens after we die. I like to read about multiple realities, reincarnation and other similar things. One of my favourite film is called I origins, which I stumbled randomly. I also like Interstellar, one I saw in the cinema with a friend, last minute. Sci-fi is probably one of my favourite genres. There are many books and online articles on multiple realities, but majority are not very understandable, unless you are hardcore into physics. From what I gathered, it is believed that there is more than one universe. One assumption: “reality is created in the moment, and there are multiple realities“. Basically meaning, the decisions we make create our reality. You could be living in another reality right now, more than one. All with minor or major alterations. In one reality, you made the decision to become a singer and worked your way there. The next time you think “what might have been if…” another you in another reality is already experiencing that ‘what if’. A theory – sometimes the realities can get ‘confused’ and this is where deja-vu and dreams come into. The dreams we have that almost feels too real and we wake up feeling confused. When we change, when there is a shift in our patterns it could be that we have entered another reality, a different version of ourselves. I read a book called ‘versions of us‘ chiclit about multiple realities, explores three realities around the two main characters. There was something signifiant though, they are in the same place quite often and they do meet in all the realities. This brings me to the next point: if you’re are meant to meet someone, you will meet them – sooner or later. multiple realities multiple realities multiple realities multiple realities

multiple realities



Outfit details

Off the shoulder top – Zara

Trousers – Zara

Cardigan – Boohoo

Bag – River Island


multiple realities

Pictures in Brussels, Belgium.


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