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According to an old tale, we have a red string attached to our pinky and on the other end attached to someone else’s pinky, someone that we are meant to be with – like a soulmate. The string can stretch, tangle but it never breaks. Some say its Chinese and some say its Japanese. I first heard about this theory in a film called ‘while we are here’. Some also say it is attached to your ankle rather than pinky. I actually love this theory, you will meet the person the string is attached to on the other end, always.

In Judaism, they tie a red string to your left wrist to bring good luck. and to keep away the evil eye. It usually falls on it’s own when it served it’s purpose and then you tie another one.  Some also believe that the red string can be worn by single women and when it falls off thats when she has met the person she is meant to marry. The more deep into it you get, the more theories will be found. I am slightly superstitious so I like reading about the weird and wonderful things.


As for the whole soulmate thing, I have called one person my soulmate – that was my best friend in high school. She started in year 10, although we took a dislike to each other at first, after we were inseparable. Back in 2010 she started her blog and her first post was about us but back then I had no interest in blogging or comprehended how it worked. Back to soulmates, I find the whole thing interesting, there are so many theories with everything that it would take a few lifetimes to read it all and understand. I think the red string around the pinky is my favourite of all, so far. I have yet to read more.

Lets put the red string to a test

I would wear the red string around my wrist for the intention of it bringing good luck, and we do kind of know that what we believe, is what happens. Therefore I did decide to put this to a test and did my research on it (you are meant to say a prayer while you wrap the red string around your wrist and tie it 7 times) and decided to give it a go. I have my red string ready so we shall see how lucky it is or when it will fall off.

red string theory red string theory red string theory

red string theory


Outfit details


Red blouse – Primark

High waisted trousers – Zara

Ankle boots – H&M


What I deem to be my casual-ish outfit for lunch, drinks and everything in between.


red string theory

A little catch up

Alice and I met a while back to take some blog pictures and have a little catch up, the weather was still quite warm but it started raining (typical England) and we had to stop the pictures and go hide in a little bar. When we left the bar we were given an Icelandic yoghurt as a little gift. The food portions were quite small but tasty, and the atmosphere was quite cosy with pretty decor. I would go again but I forgot what it was called now. I tend to like cosy places with pretty decor as opposed to lively, clubbing these days. A long while back, I went to a cocktail bar in Shoreditch called the nightjar which is like a secret bar. The venue was quite small and they had live music, it was quite enjoyable. Oreole, kind of similar to nightjar which is based in farringdon is also another great place. Another favourite of mine is Madison rooftop bar, the decor is white and when the sun sets, everything looks so beautiful and you have the view of the St Pauls. I should probably do posts about places in London, where to eat and such but every time the food comes, I just get straight to eating and forget to take pictures and sometimes I don’t want to be ‘that’ person who always takes pictures of food, and I would hate to be the person that fully stages the food for half an hour for the perfect instagram shot. 
red string theory
Have you been to London? 
Have you heard of red string theory before?
What do you think about the red string theories and soulmates?
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