Some of my current favourites (as of April 2017)

Bonjour. Its been absolute ages since I have done a favourites post, so I decided to do an April 2017 favourites. These are my absolute favourites for quite a while now. 2 products that I have repurchased and 2 that I need to repurchase again.


april 2017 favourites april 2017 favourites april 2017 favourites

April 2017 favourites

Starting with the perfume. I am absolutely loving Chloé L’Eau De Chloé Eau de Toilette. It smells amazing. Very fresh and floral, perfect for Spring and Summer. I actually have two bottles of this: a 30ml and a 100ml one.

I got this beaut for Christmas, the Urban Decay nude basics eyeshadow palette . I love all the colours, they are all useable and pigmented. I especially love the burnt orange shade that I am wearing in this post.

I have ran out of this concealer, but its one of my favourites. It is the Benefit fake up concealer, it is also hydrating and doesn’t really crease.

I have two lip products one of them is the Rimmel Kate Moss in Boho Nudea beautiful nude shade (pictured below) for all occasions. The other lip product, which I have repurchased again is NYX soft matte lip cream in London, I saw Alicia from Lissy Roddy wearing this and I really liked how it looked on her.

My favourite beauty product has been mascara in the past. I’ve tried quite a lot and this one, I always go back to. It is the Max Factor false lash effect fusion mascaraIt is definitely amazing. Makes a great difference to eyelashes and can be removed easily too, without a fuss like some other mascaras which after being removed still leaves some residue. Can’t fall this mascara, I think Max Factor is one of the best brand for mascara.

Finally, we move onto something else. This necklace was a present. I usually don’t wear jewellery constantly but this one I have worn a lot and haven’t taken off. My friend actually said it looks like Swarovski but it isn’t, its from River Island. I couldn’t find the exact one but I have linked a similar one below.

I am really into books. I even have a book review, 2 actually – here too. I am really into poetry books too and I came across Lang Leav from Audrey at Befrassy, I checked out her instagram and I loved her writing, its simple but lovely. Her book Love and Misadventure, which I bought first remains a favourite.


april 2017 favouritesapril 2017 favourites


My current most favourite blogs are NYC Bambi  and Befrassy . I haven’t really shared my favourite blogs before, I am actually going to do a separate post on my favourite Blogs, Youtubers and Instagram accounts.


Remember, always do what makes you feel great and be with those who make you feel great.


What are your current favourites?


The favourites 

  • I really like !
    kiss, Béa

  • I’d love to try the benefit concealer, plus I love the necklace and I’ll be sure to check out the book reviews!

    Lauren x Huggled

    • Oh the concealer is great. Thank you for your comment 🙂

  • I haven’t tried any of the Max Factor mascaras but that one sounds really good, love that you include your favourite blogs too. Great post, thank you for sharing x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    • Max factor mascaras are great! definitely check them out 🙂 x

  • I’ve read some of Lang Leav’s works as well and they’re good. 🙂

    • She’s one of my favourite poets at the moment

  • Such a gorgeous collection of products! I love the necklace it is beautiful!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • Thank you so much Hannah xx

  • Kate

    Some lovely favourites here. You can’t beat an Urban Decay palette, plus that necklace really does look a lot more expensive than River Island! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    • Thank you 🙂 Oh those shadows are amazing! Yes, I get that a lot about the necklace. x

  • That’s a nice collection, Elise 🙂

  • Liv

    I really want to try the naked basics palette, it looks so pretty. I’m obsessed with the Naked 2 palette at the moment xx

    • Ooh naked 2 looks really pretty. I was going to get that but received this as a present and loved it. x

  • Gabrielle

    Totally tempted by the Urban Decay nude basics eyeshadow palette, especially as I’m trying to ‘up’ my eye-game when it comes to makeup, haha. Great choice with the Chloé scent, what a beautiful fragrance to wear in Spring!

    • Definitely get the Urban Decay if you want to up your eye game. So versatile. I love the scent, so pretty. Thank you for your comment Gabrielle, xx

  • So many delicious goodies! I like the colour of the lipstick.


    • Thank you Anouk x

  • Danielle beautyblog

    Love the Max Factor False Lash Effect mascaras! I haven’t tried the fusion one before though!

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

    • I haven’t tried the false lash effect one, they’re probably similar. x

  • Love this post , these are great picks!! I want to try this mascara as I’m on the hunt for a new one! Robyn xo

    • Thank you Robyn. Let me know if you like the mascara 🙂 x

  • I love the Urban Decay palette! 🙂

    • Its the best 😀

  • I have never tried the Benefit Concealer, it is always sold out when I think about it. Which probably means it is a great product…

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • It is really good. Both hydrating and doesn’t crease up.

  • I have got back into Chloe perfumes and that necklace in the picture is so beautiful x

    • Chloe perfumes are so pretty, glad I gave them a try.
      Thank you 🙂