Things that are wrong with the world

Yet, the majority are doing nothing to change it. The world is full of hypocrites. I don’t mean to offend anyone but just to raise awareness in a way. Going to keep it quite short without getting too much into it. Not a usual post today, but I guess fitting to the current events.

things that are wrong with the world

Everything is to do with power and money.


Trees give oxygen yet we cut them all the time.

People try to protest for the better but fail to get their point across.

We think violence and hate is the answer to violence and hate. We have been on this earth for a very long time, have we not understood that it isn’t the solution? Imagine if a country responded to violence and hate with peace and love – now that would throw things off track. 


Animals being killed for leisure.

The education system in most countries. Paying for university and getting into huge loans…. where does most of the money go?

Tax – where does tax go?

Consumerism – Allowing the things we have to define us and control us.

Politics is all about power- every few years someone promises something better yet its always the same.

There are those who have billions and those who have nothing. Nothing is really done about it either. Over 9 million death every year or so because of hunger yet 1.2Billion suffer from obesity. A great amount of food goes to waste as well.


Media. Pointless people and events on tabloids, tv…everywhere and things with actual substance rarely there. Media lies, most fall for it and do whats been told on the media. Its so easy to control the masses.


Machines taking over jobs then government complaining about unemployed people


Religion being about peace and kindness yet some religious people are quick to attack others and shove their beliefs down our throats. Where is the peace and kindness? Religion also marketing the afterlife for an effective control of the masses in this life.

Honour killings – killing your own daughter,sister,… because of honour? Who’s clever idea was this? Then they say the devil is bad when he only punishes criminals.


Ignorance. People are closing their eyes to most things.



Check out these and this



If only majority of the people were kind towards each other and focused on love and goodness; the world will then start to change.