Tips for Incorporating Art Deco Jewellery into Your Wardrobe

Generally, the Art Deco period lasted from around 1915 to the mid-1930s. Art Deco pieces vary greatly and feature bold and geometric shapes, sometimes combined with ribbon or swirl patterns. During this period, jewellery was heavily influenced by the glitz and glamour of the roaring 1920s, as well as world culture so some designs also include Egyptian and Oriental symbols or designs. With the varied mix of options and the fact that the styles still look trendy in modern times, it’s no wonder Art Deco jewellery is still popular. With these tips, you’ll find it’s simple to not only purchase pieces and wear them every day.

art deco jewellery

How to Purchase Art Deco Jewellery

  • Buy your Art Deco jewellery from an experienced antique dealer that offers the finest range of antique jewellery. Try to find a place where you can inspect the piece up-close, as well as see the official documentation about it. Ask if there is an appraiser on staff so you can get a feel for how much the piece is worth. This will also help you see if the asking price is fair, but never feel pressured and take time to compare prices.
  • Know what you’re looking for with authentic Art Deco pieces. Sometimes, it helps to find a photo of a similar piece so you know what characteristics to look for. If you buy an authentic Art Deco ring, it should feature a maker’s mark, high-quality diamonds, and a diamond certificate, detailing the quality of the carat and more.
  • Watch out for well-made fakes. Look over pieces carefully in person. Authentic Art Deco pieces feature traditional fasteners like clasps or prongs, but not lobster claws. If you see that, it’s a red flag that it’s a fake.

How to Best Wear Art Deco Jewellery

Choose one bold statement piece. This isn’t the time to try and overdo it as the pieces may clash.   Consider choosing your necklace or pendant as your statement piece as you have so many options, including colourful gemstone and black onyx bib necklaces. Layered pearl necklaces were also popular, as were teardrop pendants with coloured gemstones and diamonds.

Coordinate your jewellery with your outfit.  If you’re dress if black and dark pink, consider choosing either a diamond and pearl necklace which coordinates with almost everything or a pear or teardrop pendant with pink sapphires or rubies.  Add some stacked platinum or white gold bracelets and a cocktail ring.

Select a fun, bold cocktail ring. Art Deco rings often feature bold colours like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds and bold cuts like baguette, princess, or emerald cuts.  The Halo setting was also popular during that period and remains popular today.

Are you ready to purchase Art Deco jewellery? Do you know which types will complement your wardrobe the best?

While Art Deco jewellery has increased in popularity largely due to the 2013 release of the Great Gatsby, which featured glamorous and glitzy pieces, you don’t need to live in the 1920s to wear these bold pieces, with classic wrap dresses, it’s easy to incorporate these pieces into your everyday wardrobe.