To do list for life

Most of us love a good to do list, writing everything that needs to be done then being satisfied as we tick things off from that list. It’s somewhat fun to write and tick, I was a huge lover of a good to do list but lately, I haven’t been making a to do list as I just do the things anyway. There is a to do list for life, we don’t really write it down but we are constantly working towards it. Ticking things off and moving onto the next one to feel ‘accomplished’ and successful.

“It’s a possibility of a dream come true that makes life interesting” Paulo Coelho

to do list for life

The to do list for life

  • Finish school
  • Do A levels (or equivalent)
  • Get into University
  • Graduate
  • 9 – 5 day job for 40+ years
  • Save for a mortgage
  • Buy a house
  • Get engaged
  • Get married
  • Have children
  • Die.


How fun. If you refuse to do any of these, you’re labelled probably as weird or a failure.  We are always defined by what we do and the level we are at in life.

What do you do?

If I got a £ for every time someone asked me this, well, I wouldn’t need to work. As soon as you answer, you are then defined by your job title. According to society, an individuals worth is dependant on their job title and social status.

Every year, many go to universities and every year many graduate looking for any job that they can get. Then those who do get a job related to the degree they studied but end up hating the job. Yet, they don’t leave because titles, because they want people to view them as ‘successful’.


Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend… When are you getting married?

Oh relationships, something that gets everyone talking. I have noticed that most budding friendships tend to start from a relationship dilemma. Growing up and talking to friends at the time, we all thought we would be married at/by 25, and have kids. We are 23 now, some actually got married and already have children. Luckily, I haven’t been getting many “When are you getting married” questions. When we are single, we can sometimes lead to feel as if we are not enough and thats not a good feeling to have.



Life is not a to do list

Life is what you make of it. Don’t constantly live to tick things off then start worrying about the next thing from the list, don’t feel like a failure because you are 30 and not married nor own a house. It is okay (and fun) to get lost, to go in zigzags, and to smell the pretty flowers – those are what makes for fun life tell when you’re old, not how you studied everyday, working 80hrs a week in a job you didn’t like. Choose yourself first and follow the path that feels the most right for you and not for anyone else, have something (or someone) in your life that you are passionate about. Wherever you go, whatever you do, do it with all your heart.

Also, don’t judge those on a different path to you.

Don’t be living for the next thing until to realise that many years have passed by and you have been living for the next ‘big’ thing or living for others opinions of you.


“Before you know it it’s 3 am and you’re 80 years old and you can’t remember what it was like to have 20 year old thoughts or a 10 year old heart.”


I hope you do things that makes you happy.