How to try new perfumes – perfume samples

I have not really tried perfume samples before, have just impulsively bought a perfume just because I liked the first notes when I smelled it in the past and then to discover, I actually don’t really like the middle or base notes. I bought this perfume once, which opened quite fresh and pretty but then as it stayed the scent got overpowering and too much. I don’t really like strong perfumes. Sometimes, a perfume could smell nice but might not work with your skin, most perfumes differ from skin to skin.

It is good to try out perfume samples first when trying a new perfume to see who a perfume will turn out after or to see if it works with your skin. I found this website where they sell small samples  and I tried it out so it is safe, genuine and the delivery is actually pretty quick.

perfume samples

Most perfumes are 1ml samples but with some you can even get a 5ml sample. They even sometimes sell 20ml or 10ml which is cool if you don’t want to dish out for a 50ml. The website is called Notino and they do a lot of brands.

Above pictures is how the samples come in. They are in a bubble wrap packing to be kept safe. So if you want to try samples before you buy the big bottle, do give it a try.



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  • I’ve never heard of Notino before but IT’S GENIUS!!!! I change perfume quite often and this is such a good idea. xx

    Caterina |

    • I was so happy when I found it, so helpful xx

  • Kate

    I didn’t know anything like this existed! What a brilliant idea! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    • Yeah, its so helpful xx