We become what we think about | law of attraction basics 3

Thinking positive thoughts, becoming focused and living in the now because we become what we think about…most of the time.

I realised something. Nothing in life is important as the society makes it out to be, we don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow…we don’t even know what is going to happen in the next 10 minutes.  Rather than worrying about what has already happened in the past or what might or might not happen in the future…a future that isn’t guaranteed, why don’t we focus on the positives of the now and where we want to go. Carrying on from my previous law of attraction and life type of posts which you can read here.

It clicked in my mind to not to get caught up in things, people…just to live life the way I want to. To learn to control my feelings so it doesn’t control me. We also need to learn to control what we think about because we become what we think about, most of the time. If you want to become something, you have to think about it for the most of your day. 

we become what we think about

Mind is like the land. Whatever you plant in it, returns to you without questioning. – Earl Nightingale

We become what we think about.

Thinking – Why we should think positively?

When you realise how powerful the mind actually is, you’d stop thinking about negative things and stop worrying…also overthinking useless things. Overthinking is something I did a lot of but I am trying not to, and I actually haven’t really overthought useless things in a while.

Our mind is a transmitter and we need to match the frequency of what we want to attract. Consistency is the key, and focus. Longer we think about something and feel better, the better results we shall reap. Our life is shaped by our thoughts and feelings


Focus on what you want (as if you already have it)

Focus on what makes you happy

Focus on what where you want to be


This is why visualisation is important. Imagine your goals for over 68 seconds to start with, everyday.  My next post in the law of attraction series will be on visualisation.


What do you think about most of the time?

Do you think about where and what you want to be?