A Weekend in Bristol (& Bath) | travel and outfit diaries

A while back, I spent a weekend in Bristol…and Bath. I’ve never been to either of those before so it was lovely to see and get out of London for the weekend. Tried an airbnb as well, and my first experience of it was great. The host was lovely and there were two dogs as well.

Day 1 was spent exploring Bristol. I quite liked it, I loved the canal bit where we sat down for wine in the evening and observed the people around – there seemed to be a lot of hen do’s. In a true British style, for dinner we had fish and chips.

We walked a lot, exploring and taking pictures. When I go to a new city, I love to walk aimlessly and see what I discover. One thing I like to do when I go to a new city; is to associate it with something, and Bristol for me, will be associated with hot air balloon. Went to a museum, cathedral, park and the city centre. I recommend going to the park near the centre for stunning views of the city and also checking out the independent shops.

Life definitely seemed more laid-back and carefree here, people seemed happier too. It was pretty peaceful and I quite liked that. I would go back again actually.

weekend in bristol

DIY Daisy ring

weekend in bristol weekend in bristol weekend in Bristol


My outfit

White off the shoulder top – Miss selfridge

Coral coat – River Island

High waisted jeans – Topshop

Ankle boots – H&M

Bag – Dune

Sunglasses – Primark

Black lace top – H&M

weekend in bristol weekend in bristol

Bristol has been a wealthy trading port since the Roman era. Bristol is a port city known as the ‘Birthplace of America’. John Cabot sailed from Bristol to help ‘discover’ North America in 1497. Also the first bungee jump was also done in Bristol.

And this shot is from Bath. Didn’t take a lot of pictures in Bath as my camera battery had died by then. This was taken with my phone and that doesn’t have the best of camera.

weekend in Bristol

Didn’t spend a lot of time in Bath, just explored the centre, had desserts (an amazing waffle) with coffee and also Bolognese later on. Went into gift shops and near the stadium. It was a sunday, so the city was quite quiet, after 6. Speaking of bolognese, I really want one now. That aside, I had a great weekend in Bristol and Bath.



Have you been to Bristol or Bath? Would you like to?




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  • I’d love to go to both Bath and Bristol – I’ve heard such good things about it! Lovely pictures you took 🙂

    • You should definitely go and thank you 🙂