Welcome Spring | Spring beauty edit

Welcome, Spring. I haven’t done a proper beauty post in a long time so I thought I would do a Spring beauty edit, talking about three Spring beauty essentials. I have Spring key fashion pieces here, check it out if you haven’t.


Spring beauty


3 Spring Beauty Essentials

1.  Perfume – Floral

Why not smell like flowers too when they are blooming. Most floral perfumes aren’t the most long lasting, so I have a post on 5 ways to make your perfume last longer. However, I think floral perfumes are the best and perfect for Spring, great way to boost your mood as well.

The perfume in this post is Daisy dream by Marc Jacobs

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2.  Lipstick – Red/Coral/orange

Coral/red lipsticks are a great way to brighten up your face, in Spring. Especially after the cold Winter with the dull colours. I am personally a fan of nudes/browns but in Spring, I like to mix up it a little with reds and corals.

The lipstick in this post is MAC Barbecue

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3. Bronzer

Think bronzers are a must have, it adds colour to the face and makes it look overall healthier. I don’t really wear much foundation, especially in the warmer months so a bronzer is the way to go. The right amount here and there, goes a long way and can hide flaws on face too and even out the skin tone. I currently love the Charlotte Tilbury and Chanel Soleil tan. Kimmel is also great if you are looking for something affordable, I always used to use that whilst at College.

The bronzer in this post is Charlotte Tilbury bronze and glow. 

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spring beauty Spring beautySpring beauty


When it comes to beauty, this Spring these are my go to’s. Floral scented perfumes are my all time favourites, I sometimes mix a few to create different kind of scents, Daisy dream is floral with a little musk too, its also light so can be worn everywhere without offending anyones nose.


What is your Spring beauty essentials?



  • I really need a new fragrance. I rather like the Miss Dior scent but I might just be boring and stick to Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle.

    The Charlotte Tilbury palette I still don’t own, which seems so crazy to me. Way late to that party!

  • Absolutely adore red lips in spring. Even more so beautiful pink ones.

    Love, kerstin

    • I have got a new pink one, its so pretty. Red is definitely a must for spring

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