dressing well on a budget

Most of us love to dress up and dress well. I have always been into fashion (and beauty) since I was really young. I used to take my mums skirts and tops and create random… View Post

My recent skincare routine

I dont have a proper skincare routine that I religiously stick to but there are few products that are holy grail which I will write about in this little skincare routine post. Little because, compared to… View Post

3 perks of online shopping

One thing that I love is making myself comfortable on the sofa, with a cup of tea and browsing online for clothes and other things, but mainly clothes. I got very into online shopping thanks… View Post

Transitioning from Summer to Fall

  Hello lovelies. It’s hard to believe that autumn will be here so soon. Summer felt like it just began, but in a few short weeks it will be time for cooler weather to start… View Post

12 Thoughts whilst on Instagram

We do have quite a hard life, don’t we; taking artistic OOTD’s, choosing an app to edit, many choices of filters to use, thinking of a good caption, waiting for the likes and comments to… View Post

5 Things I would like to learn

There are lots of things I would like to learn, some things I probably should have when I was younger. 5 things I would like to learn   HTML – Never thought I would say this but… View Post

July Favourites 2016

Bonjour lovelies, I haven’t done a favourites post since…well ages. I am here with July favourites. I literally have fell in love with a couple of these products and the rest I have been wearing… View Post